Top Cut 4™ Drilling

Why will TC4 bring high-performance to your shop?

It’s a One-and-Done Deal

If you believe having a single, versatile tool simplifies your job significantly, you’ll want to check this out.
Specifically designed for versatility, the newly developed TC4 efficiently machines a broad assortment of products. Now you can feel confident when applying one tool to a variety of drilling applications and different work piece materials.
Applications and Components:

  • Steel Drilling – Axles, Housings, Front/Rear Jaws, Flanges, etc.
  • Stainless Steel Drilling – Rings, Valve Flanges, Pumps
  • Cast Iron Drilling – Gear Boxes, Housings

It’s a Problem Solver

Unsure if you’re facing stable or unstable conditions? No problem. The newly developed TC4 guarantees the highest standards of cost efficiency and quality for any drilling operation, in any given situation.
A Solution to Every Problem:

  • Reduce inventory due to 1 tool for multiple operations
  • Experience higher tool life at accelerated speeds
  • Save time on machine setup for adverse shape workpieces

It Will Keep You Centered

If you have a heavy workload, why not make things easier on yourself by investing in the right tooling? Newly developed TC4 features include: Outstanding flexibility, unique centering capabilities, and 4 cutting edge inserts for both pocket seats.
Combined Cutting Edge Profile with Periphery and Center Inserts:

  • Stablize the drill to balance cutting forces
  • Prevent drifting on irregular surfaces
  • NO mix-up between the inserts due to clear visual differences

Will You Experience “Extreme Results” with the TC4?

If you’re in the General Engineering, Transportation or Energy Market, we think “yes.”

Download the TC4 INCH or METRIC Brochure to get started.