VSM490 : Victory™ Shoulder Mill

4-Edged, Double-Sided 0° Victory™ Shoulder Mill (VSM)

Delivers high surface quality and productivity in shoulder milling applications, including multiple passes (step-down) applications. Eliminates finishing operations in many applications. Versatile: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum; from roughing to finishing applications. Double-sided strong insert with 4 cutting edges; high positive geometry for lower cutting forces.


Four insert geometries for all material groups in shoulder milling applications


1. Face milling with modular M4000 cartridge milling system.
2. Full slotting with 100% radial engagement.
3. Shoulder milling with step-down capabilities and great wall finish.
4. Shoulder milling with low axial and high radial engagement.
5. Shoulder milling with low radial and high axial engagement.
6. HPC face milling. Excellent choice to clean up castings.
7. Trochoidal slot milling.
8. Z-axis plunge milling.
9. Contour milling.

Best Practices

Best-in-class wall finish with VSM490-10 at axial stepping-down jobs. For many shop floor setups, no additional finishing is required and has a positive impact on shorter machining time and lower tooling cost.


Four geometries for all material groups in shoulder milling applications

Wall Quality

See the VSM490-15 in action!